Alla inlägg den 6 september 2012

Av Kim Martin - 6 september 2012 12:27

Now it comes to the tricky part, english or swedish :) I guess its going to be a mix between them and maybe sometimes it might even be "svengelska" (for english speaking its a mix between english and swedish) "swenglish" :)

Today I was up with the rooster (tuppen), as you say in Sweden :) it was time to play some hockey with some "older boys", company hockey, the teams were made up of buisness men, that skate every Thursday morning 7-8. It was fun, but a little different. After the session it was breakfast up in restaurant, sandwiches, yoghurt and some other good stuff. After hanging out with them, I went to the gym and did the first out of 2 workouts for the day. 

Looking forward to spend some quality time with my boy before next practice starts. Ice and workout with the team tonight!! :)

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