Alla inlägg den 7 september 2012

Av Kim Martin - 7 september 2012 08:43

Ger en tanke till Stefan LIV och hans familj! Han var en riktigt bra målvakt men en ännu bättre person! Du kommer aldrig att bli glömd!

Av Kim Martin - 7 september 2012 08:19

It is cozy friday "fredags mys" which is a big thing for us swedes!! :) We even have a commercial for it!! That means that tonight I am going to cuddle up with the best boy in the world and probably have som popcorn and watch a movie, and just be cozy :) 

I remember when I was a little kid, we always got candy on Fridays! Mom bought a little bowl of candy, and you had to be pretty fast before dad came and took it all :) Now I have learned to take my favorite ones before I even offer it to everyone else :) oops! :)

I hope everyone will have some "fredags mys" tonight!! 


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