Alla inlägg den 10 september 2012

Av Kim Martin - 10 september 2012 08:46

Yesterday was my first night by myself, it felt really empty but I did have a good sleep. Maybe I am old enough now :) Can you guys believe that I am the oldest in my team?? Its crazy :) I figured it out when we played a game last weekend with my team. We had to stand in order, youngest to oldest, and I was the one furthest to the right. I was in chock hahah! I feel old!! :) But Gunilla Andersson gave me a lot of "rutti" (when you are experienced) points :)! 

I am about to go and workout soon, then I am thinking about going shopping. Just buy some stuff for the apartment, but we will see if that happens :) Tonight it is practice with the team, off ice and ice :)!

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