Alla inlägg den 11 september 2012

Av Kim Martin - 11 september 2012 08:31

Här är bild på bilen!!

Och här är mina nya skydd....

....och hjälm gjord av David Gunnarsson "Daveart"

Av Kim Martin - 11 september 2012 07:11

Last night I drove up to Stockholm with my new to (probably) be car :) I might, or I am like 99.9% sure that I will buy it when I get back on Wednesday :) really exciting and once again I am getting some grown up points!! ;) I will for sure show you guys a picture of it tonight or tomorrow, I promise!

I am in Stockholm because at 12, I am going to be at a meeting. Its called "upptaktsträff för riksserien" and it is for the womens league here in Sweden. Every team bring their coach and one player, and we talk about the league and a lot more. Its going to be interesting and very fun to see everyone!! :)

Before that I am going to workout and after that I am going to hangout with some friends and my family :)

Have a great day   

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