Alla inlägg den 17 september 2012

Av Kim Martin - 17 september 2012 13:00

I felt rested when I woke up this morning...but its different now, might need a nap before px :) This morning I went to health care w a friend. I have a new workout for the next 4 weeks, and its really nice and more motivating to change the woroukout once in awhile!! 

After that I helped one of my teammates to move and now I am waiting for a skype call...

I am working for IIHF as an ambassador for the Czech team. The program is to help the lower ranked teams in the world, and to make womens hockey better and more even. I think it is a great program and I am really happy to be a part of it. The skype call is with my group of four that are helping the Czechs and we are two athlete ambassador and 2 coach mentors. I am excited about what we are going to discuss today :)

Tonight its office and ice on the agenda and to hangout with a friend :)

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