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Av Kim Martin - 21 september 2012 16:11

Jag tycker detta är lite roligt, för jag är väldigt inne på det här med fredags mys och en kompis skickade en video på youtube om en reklam de har i Norge :)

Gå in på youtube och sök på Ingen Kims, inge kos :) 

For you international, I just wrote that there is a commercial in Norway where they say no Kims, no cozy friday :) and Kims is a chips brand in Norway! If you want to see it, go to and search for ingen Kims, ingen kos

88 days left until I will see my boy again, cant wait!! Its crazy how a person can mean so much to you, and how you dont feel complete when they arent around!! I am so happy that I have him in my life. Looks like he can be a good dad ;) Love you so much babe!!


and this is how good he is at drawing!


I hope everyone will have a great COZY FRIDAY :):)

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