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Av Kim Martin - 23 september 2012 23:38

It wasnt the best weekend I have had...we lost both games, but thats how it is to play sports...sometimes you win and sometimes you lose...but you learn from both. Sometimes you even learn more from losing!! Today we lost against Munksund 5-3, the last goal in open might sound crazy, but it actually felt good to play even though I let 4 goals in. I couldnt see the 2 first, 3 rebounds on the 3rd goal and the last goal hit one of my d´s skate...but there is always something you could have done better! I feel like I didnt have as good rebound control today, so that can definitely get better! Even tough it feels tough to lose 2 games, I am happy to have my teammates and everyone around me. Imagine if you played an individual sport, and to not have all your teammates?! at least I would feel lonely...thats a strenght for individual athletes, and something I really admire them for!! 

Today I went out and had dinner w some teammates after the game, and then we went to my place and watched tv and hung out :) and in the end of the night I talked to my boy for over an hour and that made me feel great :) Thanks everyone for making my weekend a lot better!!

Sometimes I look at these pictures and it makes me remember that I have a great life!!

Love my family and my boyfriend....


....and my friends (all you friends that arent in the picture too!!!!)


....and all my teammates that I have had, and got to experience great memories with!!!




Thanks a lot for everything and I love you sooooo much   

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