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Av Kim Martin - 23 september 2012 23:38

It wasnt the best weekend I have had...we lost both games, but thats how it is to play sports...sometimes you win and sometimes you lose...but you learn from both. Sometimes you even learn more from losing!! Today we lost against Munksund 5-3, the last goal in open might sound crazy, but it actually felt good to play even though I let 4 goals in. I couldnt see the 2 first, 3 rebounds on the 3rd goal and the last goal hit one of my d´s skate...but there is always something you could have done better! I feel like I didnt have as good rebound control today, so that can definitely get better! Even tough it feels tough to lose 2 games, I am happy to have my teammates and everyone around me. Imagine if you played an individual sport, and to not have all your teammates?! at least I would feel lonely...thats a strenght for individual athletes, and something I really admire them for!! 

Today I went out and had dinner w some teammates after the game, and then we went to my place and watched tv and hung out :) and in the end of the night I talked to my boy for over an hour and that made me feel great :) Thanks everyone for making my weekend a lot better!!

Sometimes I look at these pictures and it makes me remember that I have a great life!!

Love my family and my boyfriend....


....and my friends (all you friends that arent in the picture too!!!!)


....and all my teammates that I have had, and got to experience great memories with!!!




Thanks a lot for everything and I love you sooooo much   

Av Kim Martin - 22 september 2012 20:11

Det där var ju inte så roligt....förlorade med 5-2 mot Modo idag. Det sjuka är att det kändes bra, det låter lite konstigt då  man släppte in 5 må antar att det kan vara så ibland. Jag tycker att vi sliter på bra och får bra tryck i deras zone men får inte riktigt till det. Tyvärr gör de mål på våra misstag, men det kommer vi att rätta till, till imorn :) Det är bara att gratulera Modo, det är ett bra lag, och vi får komma igen till imorn!

Not a fun start...lost 5-2. The weird thing is that it felt good..sounds weird when you let 5 goals in, but I guess thats how it can be sometimes. I think we play good and have pressure but we dont really get quality chances. Unfortunately they scored on our mistakes but its something that we are going to do better tomorrow. I can only say congrats to Modo, they are a good team, and just to better tomorrow! 

Av Kim Martin - 22 september 2012 11:38


Idag är det serie preimär :)! ska bli riktigt roligt och det känns skönt att  vara hemma igen och spela. Jag ser verkligen framemot säsongen och jag tror eller jag vet att det kommer att bjudas på underhållande hockey. Så kom och kolla :) Lycka till och kör hårt till alla!! Visa vad damhockey går för!! (first game:) its going to be fun and it feels good to be home again. Its going to be a great season!!! Good luck to everyone and show how good womens hockey can be!!!)

  Möter    I cloetta center kl 16.00 Glöm inte att innan matchen idag så ska vi hedra Lisa Danielsson och Hanna Dahl för deras insatser i Linköping tröjan. De var väldigt duktiga spelare men också kanon tjejer!!! Önskar att det hade spelat i alla fall ett år till :) 

Imorse var det prova på för pojkar och flickor. Det är alltid lika roligt att se dom kämpa och ha roligt :)! Fortsätt så för det är ni som ska ta över sen :) Kör hårt :) I was on the ice w some boys and girls today. Its always fun to see how much fun they have and how hard they are working! Keep working hard because you are the future :)! 

Av Kim Martin - 21 september 2012 16:11

Jag tycker detta är lite roligt, för jag är väldigt inne på det här med fredags mys och en kompis skickade en video på youtube om en reklam de har i Norge :)

Gå in på youtube och sök på Ingen Kims, inge kos :) 

For you international, I just wrote that there is a commercial in Norway where they say no Kims, no cozy friday :) and Kims is a chips brand in Norway! If you want to see it, go to and search for ingen Kims, ingen kos

88 days left until I will see my boy again, cant wait!! Its crazy how a person can mean so much to you, and how you dont feel complete when they arent around!! I am so happy that I have him in my life. Looks like he can be a good dad ;) Love you so much babe!!


and this is how good he is at drawing!


I hope everyone will have a great COZY FRIDAY :):)

Av Kim Martin - 20 september 2012 14:47

Igår var en väldigt bra dag, med god mat och sällskap. Vi kollade på bonde söker fru och det var riktigt roligt, så nu måste jag fortsätta att följa det :)!! Det bästa var då det var en österrikerska som skulle träffa Johan, tror jag att han heter och han kunde inte engelska och hon inte svenska. Men i slutet så klämmer han till med "time is up, it was nice to meet you" haha vi höll på att dö :)!! Till efterrätt åt vi något som jag aldig har testat. Man skalar ett äpple och tar ut mitten sen häller man på kanel och man kan även ha socker och honung om man vill. Sen lägger man i det ugnen i 200 C i ungefär 30 min. Till så hade vi kesella vanilj men man kan ha en massa annat eller bara äpplet. Mycket gott :)

Yesterday was a great day, really good food and company!! We were watching a show where a farmer is trying to find a partner, it was hilarious :)!! For dessert we had something that I havent tried before. You peel an apple and put cinnamon on it, you can also have sugar and honey if you want, and then you put it in the oven 200 C for like 30 min. We had something that it is called Kesella but I dont think you guys have that but it works with probably ice cream (even though its suppose to be healthy :)) or something else :) its really good :)   

Idag har det varit mycket. Först och främst så trodde jag att träningen började 7 men den började 7.30 så jag satt i omklädningsrummet fullt påklädd och väntade...kan ju lova att jag blev lite seg då :)! Men isen och fysen var bra! Efter träningen så åkte jag hem för att tvätta och jag hade lovat att hjälpa en att flytta så jag slängde in en omgång och åkte dit. Jag trodde att det skulle gå fort, men efter 3 gånger fram och tillbaka och 1.30h senare så var vi klara. Skyndade mig hem igen för att ta hand om tvätten och äta lunch. Men jag fick en lite gåva som tack för hjälpen, vilket jag tyckte var jätte gulligt :)

I have had a very busy day today...I got to the rink kinda stressed at 6.40, put the equipment on and walk to the rink...half way the coach comes up to me and tells me that it doesnt start until 7.30...great Px and workout was good, and then after that I had to go home to do laundry, but I had promised to help someone to move so I only had time to put one load in. I thought it would go fast but we had to drive back and forth 3 times, so it took 1.30h  you can say that I got another workout in ;) After that I had to hurry home to take care of the laundry. 

I got this as a thank you and I think that was really cute :)


En sak till innan jag är klar för idag...jag tror att jag måste vara världens bästa flickvän som fixade detta till min kille, eller vad säger du Jay?:) Älskar dig!

One more thing before I am done writing for today...I think I might be the worlds best girlfriend who got this one for my boy, or what do you say Jay?:) Love you!


Av Kim Martin - 19 september 2012 09:43

Sorry for not writing yesterday but I was going to do it when I got home from practice but then I ended up staying on the ice with a boys team. When I got home at 10.30 I was too tired to write anything. But I had a very good day, with a lot of practice but also had time to "fika". "Fika" is something we do a lot here and it is to have a coffee or something, usually at a coffeshop :) 

I also got a new bike :)


Today I havent done much yet, except breakfast. I love it :) I usually have "fil" (hard to explain what it is but it taste a little sour and its more runny then yoghurt, and better for you) and sometimes I put cottage cheese in it. Yesterday I made my own muesli, so I put that in too. Sometimes I have this too  

The plans for today is to go and workout soon, then I am going to go and get my passport, have an interview and then I am gonna hangout with some teammates for the rest of the day. A little bit of shopping and then dinner :)

I think its going to be a great day!!! Hope you all will have a great day too :)

Av Kim Martin - 17 september 2012 13:00

I felt rested when I woke up this morning...but its different now, might need a nap before px :) This morning I went to health care w a friend. I have a new workout for the next 4 weeks, and its really nice and more motivating to change the woroukout once in awhile!! 

After that I helped one of my teammates to move and now I am waiting for a skype call...

I am working for IIHF as an ambassador for the Czech team. The program is to help the lower ranked teams in the world, and to make womens hockey better and more even. I think it is a great program and I am really happy to be a part of it. The skype call is with my group of four that are helping the Czechs and we are two athlete ambassador and 2 coach mentors. I am excited about what we are going to discuss today :)

Tonight its office and ice on the agenda and to hangout with a friend :)

Av Kim Martin - 16 september 2012 20:34

I am so happy that I have my family, friends, boyfriend and everyone else that are close to me. They make my life great :) 

I have had a very busy but fun weekend!! :):)

I helped a friend to buy floor and move it to their new house :) Cant wait to see it after they are done! I think its going to be very nice :) is their crazy she is actually very nice and good at listening (to them :)) but there is something that makes her love to jump on me and stuff...I guess I have to deal w it because I am her godmother :) 


After this we went to Empas 30th birthday party, and we had an awesome time with good food and company!! We were there from 5-12 :) they had one of these (pic below) and I want one so I asked where they bought it...then Gizela and Jocke said that they have one that is exactly the same and that I could have now I have one :) Thanks a lot!! :):)


When I came home, one of my teammates and her friends from the US were going to sleep over and we stayed up and talked until 2. It was fun to meet them, and I hope I will meet them again sometime :) 


Met some friends, tried to drink coffee but it wasnt too good, even though I had more milk than coffee :) went downtown and I think I found a jacket that I want, but they didnt have the maybe another day :) Then I drove home with my teammate :)! 

So as you can see I have had an awesome weekend and I hope you guys have had a good one too!!

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