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Av Kim Martin - 9 september 2012 09:49

Det har varit en väldigt tuff morgon...min älskling åkte hem imorse till Canada och jag får inte se honom förrän i jul. Men jag vet att vi kan göra det för vi har gjort det i 4.5 år, men det känns värre och värre för varje gång. Tur att man har vänner och familj som gör allt mycket lättare. Have a nice flight babe, and I will talk to you soon! Love you lots Puss puss puss...

Alltid lika mysigt att vakna upp hemma hos mamma och pappa och äta lite frukost och bara vara. Men kan inte ta det lugnt hela dagen. För idag har mitt lag möter AIK i en träningsmatch ute i Gnesta kl 15.00 Jag ska inte stå idag men definitivt åka och kolla.  Efter det så spelare min brors lag Malmö Redhawks match mot Linköping i Linköping, så jag ska försöka skynda mig efter min match för att hinna ner och kanske se lite av hans. Eller i alla fall säga hej!

Hoppas alla får en toppen dag, ett bra slut på helgen!!

Av Kim Martin - 8 september 2012 08:48

Soon mom and dad are coming for a little visit from Stockholm :) Its about 2.15h from Stockholm to Linköping. When they come we are going to go grocery shopping, and then after that we are going to show them downtown and the rink. After that we are all going back to Stockholm because Jay is flying home tomorrow morning :( its going to be very sad, but I know we can do it. I have already booked my flight for xmas :) 

Its really nice to be home and be able to see my family more. It been 7 years since I was home playing in the womens league. I am really happy that I came to Linköping :)!! Its a cozy city, not too big or too little, my teammates are great and the club is awesome. Everyone is really nice and take good care of you. 

This is when Mattias Weinhandl shot on me. It was during their first practice and 2 of us girls had the chance to join them.  Over 2500 people came and watched.  

Av Kim Martin - 7 september 2012 08:43

Ger en tanke till Stefan LIV och hans familj! Han var en riktigt bra målvakt men en ännu bättre person! Du kommer aldrig att bli glömd!

Av Kim Martin - 7 september 2012 08:19

It is cozy friday "fredags mys" which is a big thing for us swedes!! :) We even have a commercial for it!! That means that tonight I am going to cuddle up with the best boy in the world and probably have som popcorn and watch a movie, and just be cozy :) 

I remember when I was a little kid, we always got candy on Fridays! Mom bought a little bowl of candy, and you had to be pretty fast before dad came and took it all :) Now I have learned to take my favorite ones before I even offer it to everyone else :) oops! :)

I hope everyone will have some "fredags mys" tonight!! 


Av Kim Martin - 6 september 2012 12:27

Now it comes to the tricky part, english or swedish :) I guess its going to be a mix between them and maybe sometimes it might even be "svengelska" (for english speaking its a mix between english and swedish) "swenglish" :)

Today I was up with the rooster (tuppen), as you say in Sweden :) it was time to play some hockey with some "older boys", company hockey, the teams were made up of buisness men, that skate every Thursday morning 7-8. It was fun, but a little different. After the session it was breakfast up in restaurant, sandwiches, yoghurt and some other good stuff. After hanging out with them, I went to the gym and did the first out of 2 workouts for the day. 

Looking forward to spend some quality time with my boy before next practice starts. Ice and workout with the team tonight!! :)

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