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Av Kim Martin - 1 november 2012 17:16

Got up 6.25 for px at 7.30-8.30 w company hockey. My blister didn't feel very good today but after awhile it went away...a little at least....after when I took my equipment of I saw blood on my sock and realized that the blister broke. It actually feels better now but I just have to be careful so it doesn't get infected! After ice I had breakfast w the boys:) then I packed my stuff and drove home to Stockholm. I drove straight to my friends work for lunch, we had lunch at Scandic today, and it was really good:) I also met a finish guy that is a scout for Philadelphia (nhl) we talked for a bit and he was very nice :) I got really surprised and I thought it was cool that he recognized me :) after a great lunch w my very special friend I went home for a haircut...I definitely needed it :) my hair dresser is awesome!! Now I am home with the family:) it is always nice to come home for awhile even though I really like Linköping!! But some places will always be special :) tomorrow we have camp w team Sweden! I am gonna try to keep you updated w my blog but it depends on if we have Internet or not! I will probably only write in English, at least most of the time so you don't understand let me know :) Kommmer troligen att skriva mestadels på engelska då jag åker på läger imorgon men om ni inte förstår så hör av er:) hoppas alla har en toppen kväll:):) hope you all will have a great night:):)

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