Alla inlägg den 28 december 2012

Av Kim Martin - 28 december 2012 01:48

Just enjoyed the morning w jay...watched a movie and relaxed! When he worked I went and worked out...that was when i got stuck for the first time:) ...driving there was fine but when I got out it had snowed a lot! And it is super windy!!! Barely made it out of the parking lot...right when I was gonna pull out, a plow truck drove right in front of me and made a wall of snow, and he didn't stop! I Got out of the car and thought it was a joke...started shoveling w a brush hahah after like 15 min he came back and helped me..thank god:) went to the rink to pick jay up and got stuck for th second time haha...but thankfully we got help and made it home:) when we got home his dad asked if e could go and get gas for the snowblower so we did! Got to the gas station safely but when we were gonna drive away we got stuck again haha! Now we are finally home! Gonna watch another movie w the fam! We were gonna go to the movies tonight but I think we have been stuck enough for today;)

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