Alla inlägg den 30 december 2012

Av Kim Martin - 30 december 2012 21:58

Me and traveling isnt a great combination haha! Nothing has got stolen yet at least:) had to b at the airport around 5 this morning because my flight was supposed to leave at 6...but because of the snowstorm it left at 11.30 Thank god I had lots of time in Montreal so I didn't miss my flight to Paris! I already miss my man:( !! But we can do it!! Done it before :) i am in Montreal now and I am supposed to board in 35 min. I have 4 h in Paris and then I am going home! Hopefully
Everything will go smoothly :):)

Av Kim Martin - 30 december 2012 02:10

Woke up and went to jays work...Saturdays is his long day...9-5. Watched Sweden win today again:) hopefully I can watch USA-Canada tomorrow at the airport. I bet that will b a good game! I worked out too and my heart monitor went crazy. When I ran it was going from 170 to 130 to 150 and so on hahah i got tired at least:) when we got home we watched a kinda weird animated movie, "paranorman" and now we are gonna watch "this is 40" w the whole fam! Good day but at the same time sad, because I am leaving tomorrow! I have had a great time here and i got the best Xmas gift ever :) thanks a lot Hasson family, you are the best:):)

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