Alla inlägg den 5 januari 2013

Av Kim Martin - 5 januari 2013 20:25

This morning I had lacrosse camp w the national team:) haha crazy eh! We met at 9 am and had off ice training for 3 hours before we had lunch. After lunch we did more passing and playing! It was really fun but super hard when they had a breakaway haha! But it was the first time I have ever played lacrosse :) they want me to play World Cup in July in Canada but I have to ask the Olympic comittee befor and see if it is ok. I also have to make sure that it doesn't cost too much! Because it is such a small sport in Sweden we have to pay for everything, but if we get sponsors I will
Go:) so if any one wants to sponsor please contact me:) after px I went down town and had dinner w Angelica and joa. Really fun to see them again:):) wish we lived a little closer!! Now I am home and my parents have a dinner for my uncle and his family:) good times!!

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