Alla inlägg den 6 januari 2013

Av Kim Martin - 6 januari 2013 21:08

I Had another px day w the lacrosse team:) it's really fun and a great group of people!! Thank god we didn't have 3 h workout this time hahah!! It's a lot to learn and remember, so now i have a headache:) you might nit get that many shots but you have to talk alot and help out the defense way more than in hockey! if you have a saving % of 50 in lacrosse, its good haha so thats definitely very different :) Some stuff I guess is kinda similar as hockey if you see it from a goalie perspective but at the same time a lot of new stuff!! I am sore in my arms from throwing haha they say its like fishing...too bad I don't go fishing much :):) hopefully we can find sponsors for the team, and one for me so I can go to the World Cup :) that would b really fun and cool!! In the afternoon sofia came over for some chit chat:) always fun too see her!!! I think I will go to bed early tonight to rest my head:)

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