Alla inlägg den 28 januari 2013

Av Kim Martin - 28 januari 2013 22:09

Sorry but this will only be in English:) too much going on haha. Woke up pretty early his morning:/ watched some NHL and relaxed. When Ingvild woke up we had breakfast and then we walked downtown. It was very wet outside today, kinda gross but at least it wasn't freezing:) then we had lunch w a friend of ours at a place I have neve been too but it was really good! After that we walked to another restaurant to visit 2 other friends, but this time we didn't eat:) really fun to see everyone!! At 4 I had to go to the post office ad get my driving license and then i had to go and get the car to go and checkout a hall for the wedding:) Pierre and Sarah came w me as we all liked it! So when I come back from camp we will probably book it:) just have to check some stuff. Then we drove back and went to vapiano w them and 2 others! Now I am home and I am so tired!! Just have to pack and fix everything before going to camp tomorrow!! Have a great night:)

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