Alla inlägg den 30 januari 2013

Av Kim Martin - 30 januari 2013 21:47

Love hotel breakfast!! After breakfast we went to the rink for warmup up, ice, and cool down. We always do the same and it takes a long time but it's important to do everything properly!! You have to take care of your body! Haha when we were gonna leave he room we got locked in so we had to call our equipment guy to get out:) lunch was really good too and after we had time to relax. It's 99% sure now that the Wedding party in Sweden will b September 7th at a hall in tullinge! Very exciting and it feels good to book everything! In the afternoon we had another ice session and everyone is doing really well and it looks good. It's a very good feeling in the team and we are having lots of fun! We have a really young team and I am really excited to see what this team can do in the coming tournament. Only four players born in the 80 and the rest 90:) after dinner we had meetings, which were very good!! After that it was time to pack out bags so we don't have to do it tomorrow morning. We stayed at the rink and watched 10 minutes of a men's game. Now I am in bed and will sleep soon so i will be ready for tomorrow's travel day! Flying to Finland at 8.30 tomorrow morning. Not sure if we will have Internet there, but I really hope so!! Have a good night!

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