Alla inlägg den 31 januari 2013

Av Kim Martin - 31 januari 2013 20:52

It's been a very long travel day! Got up at 5.45 for some breakfast and then we took the bus to arlanda. When we got to Finland we had a 4.5h bus ride which felt like 8h haha! But at least we got to the right place:) when we got here we had our second lunch and then it was time to have ice. i felt a little tired but good to flush out the Legs. Much needed! After px we had dinner and now we are in our rooms. It's gonna b a great sleep:) must say that I am having lots of fun and it's a great group of people! Tomorrow is the first test for our young team!! Game against Russia!

Alla svenskar!! sorry att d blir mycket på engelska men skriver på mobilen så tar lång tid att skriva men ska försöka hinna med att skriva båda då jag har tid!! Men nu har vi 3 matcher på 3 dagar! Sov gott:):)

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