Alla inlägg den 8 maj 2013

Av Kim Martin - 8 maj 2013 21:27

Last night and this morning, jay and I worked on the visa application for jay to come and live in Sweden next year! Sent it in this morning so now we just have to wait for them to get back to us. Other than that we walked in a shopping district today. We went to a lululemon store, but didn't buy anything. Really nice clothes, but pretty expensive! Then we walked to a donut place that jay and Cassandra had heard of! Now we are back at the house and we are watching USA-fin. Of course we are following Sweden-Norway online:):) tomorrow will b a big game, Sweden vs Canada :):)

We will see what's happening tonight!! Read the blog tomorrow and you will find out:)

Jag och jay höll på med hans visum igår. Det var en massa att fylla i och imorse gjorde vi äntligen klart d och skickade in d:) förhoppningsvis får vi svar snart!! Annars har vi bara gått på en shopping gata där d hade en lululemon affär men vi köpte inget. Sen fick vi till en munk affär som Jay och cass hade hört talas om:) nu är vi tillbaka i huset och såg lite v USA-Finland. Självklart följer vi Sverige-Norge också!! Imorgon är en viktig match då Sverige möter Canada :):)

Vi får se vad som händer ikväll! Om ni läser bloggen imon så får ni veta:):)

Av Kim Martin - 8 maj 2013 07:14

Left oromocto at night for our long drive to Ottawa! We drove through Quebec to get where we wanted. To Henric Alfredsson and Jillian :) they have taken great Care of us!!! We had lunch at bite this and finished our day at the rink! It was an awesome game where Ottawa won 3-2 in ovetime. They tied the game w like 25 sec left and if they scored in the last minute, all the fans got free big macs From McDonalds haha. Before the game we went to the vip lounge and to the family room. I have and probably lever Will experience that again. It was awesome:):)

Great news from the dr that I went and saw today. By the way a great dr ad person that did my surgery perfectly!! I don't have to wear the boot anymore:);). And he said it looked really good. Obviously I have a long way to go, but one step at a time!! I didn't know it would b that great so I didn't bring any right shoes. Jillian's feet is too small so I got to borrow Daniels wife's Bibbis shoes:):) thanks;)

Jay and I are working on getting him a visa to come and live and work in Sweden. We will keep working on it tomorrow:)

Förlåt att jag inte skrev på svenska men jag hoppas att alla förstår ändå! Hör av er annars:) haft en toppen dag i Ottawa i alla fall, med NHL match, bra nyheter om hälsenan och grymt sällskap. Tack för en grym och oförglömlig dag!!!:):) god natt från Ottawa!!

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