Alla inlägg den 20 januari 2014

Av Kim Martin - 20 januari 2014 21:12

Kom hem vid 7.30 tiden från Luleå!

Came Home around 7.30 from Luleå!

Then Bauer and i had a little nap and then went for a walk.

Sen tog jag och Bauer en tupplur och sen en promenad.

Got socks from Daryl Sherman who is the CEO and founder for stable 26 inc. these socks are gonna help my feet, knees and everything. There is silicone in them so now I have to find out the right size. There are different sizes and different thickness of silicone. Hopefully it will work, and I think it will :):) thanks a lot!!!

På eftermiddagen var jag med Bauer i hundparken. Sen hade jag Mille och Asse en live radion intervju för Sveriges radio. Efter d gick vi skilda världar. Asse gick på middag med sin partner medans jag, mille och anna hade film kväll :)

In the afternoon i went w Bauer to the park and after that me, Asse and mille had a live radio interview. After that we went separate ways. Asse went to dinner w her partner and me, mille and anna had a movie night :)

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