Alla inlägg den 7 mars 2014

Av Kim Martin - 7 mars 2014 09:38

The other day we found out that we were gonna fly to Piteå and play our first semifinal out of 3. But it got better, we got a chartred plane :) Everything when so fast and smooth. So a big thank you to Mike Helber and Saab. It was a very strange game where both teams scored a lot of goals. The game ended w a win 6-4. Next game is at home on Saturday!!

The Olympic goalie for team Canada px w the Oilers the other day. So cool, and I am super jealous :)


Of course Lidströms Jerseys should be retired :)! Awesome hockey player, captain and person!


haha we wanted to see what bauer did when he touched some water, and he did this:) Its cool how they know how to do without learning. 


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