Alla inlägg den 16 juli 2014

Av Kim Martin - 16 juli 2014 22:56

I Finally was able to get into My Office. Oh wow i Tried to found Someone w a key haha. I only have the key to the front door. After some work, and workout i went and laid down for a bit by the Canal. So hot out, and i think its gonna b even gotter tomorrow. After a really long, but very good day i am exhausted and My body is aching. A good night sleep is gonna feel great!:)

Vi hade inte planerat att golfa men så blev d! Första gången på den norra banan. Gick faktiskt helt ok idag :)

We Didnt plan to golf today, but we did. It was the first time on the North course for me. It actually went Pretty good :)

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