Alla inlägg den 18 augusti 2014

Av Kim Martin - 18 augusti 2014 22:19

This morning some of us took action pics before the mens team took their pics. I think its the first time we have done it, but not sure cuz I have only played 2 years in Linköping. But I feel like they want to do more and more for every year. A great club that really tries to make the best for us. Jenni and I got nominated for the Ice bucket challenge yesterday, so we challenged some people today :)

After work, I had time to go home for a bit, before it was time to head to the rink once again for workout and ice w the girls. 

Förresten nu kan man anmäla sig till nästa års Kim Martín Goalie Academy. Kolla in för mer information :)

By the way now you can sign up for next years Kim Martín Goalie Academy. Check out for more information :)

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