Alla inlägg den 4 september 2014

Av Kim Martin - 4 september 2014 23:21

So they day started Pretty normal w work, but at lunch i had to go to Dst control that sponsor us girls to have a presentation. Really nice People and hopefully they liked it! Later on i had to Coach the 00 Goalies, whom i later played against :) unfortunately we lost the game 2-0 but it felt Pretty good. I cant believe it was a year ago since i Met the Hasson family. Now when they are here it feels like it was yesterday. It feels so natural be around them and i am so happy that they are here. Cant have got a better extra family!:) they even brought som gifts! Thanks Billy for the stickers!:)

Have to wait to put this One up until Jay and i have a house and a sportbar :):)

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