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Av Kim Martin - 5 september 2014 20:59

Försöker fixa till mitt nya kombinat. Lite för mkt skydd :)

Bauer and cass are Trying My Olympic clothes :) she better have another suitcase w her :)

Teaching the canadiens to eat crawfish and our tradition to drink vodka w it. Haha the second part is nothing for me. Rather have My pepsi Max :) WHO can say no to our candy??!!

Av Kim Martin - 4 september 2014 23:21

So they day started Pretty normal w work, but at lunch i had to go to Dst control that sponsor us girls to have a presentation. Really nice People and hopefully they liked it! Later on i had to Coach the 00 Goalies, whom i later played against :) unfortunately we lost the game 2-0 but it felt Pretty good. I cant believe it was a year ago since i Met the Hasson family. Now when they are here it feels like it was yesterday. It feels so natural be around them and i am so happy that they are here. Cant have got a better extra family!:) they even brought som gifts! Thanks Billy for the stickers!:)

Have to wait to put this One up until Jay and i have a house and a sportbar :):)

Av Kim Martin - 2 september 2014 21:34

Han är inte alltid en mysig, underbar hund! Tur det var billiga hm skor:)

Men det som var bra idag var att han var fullt frisk. Knän och hjärta var bra!:)

Av Kim Martin - 1 september 2014 20:38

Imorse var det jobb som vanligt. Var en del att fixa då man har varit borta en vecka. Men det var en del bokningar så det var roligt! Sen blev det lite is med hg. Körde med mitt nya kombinat. Kändes stelt men får kriga på lite till så blir det nog bra:) sen var det lite mera jobb innan det var dags för sponsor lunch. Sen hem för att ladda inför fys träning. Idag var det tung styrka på schemat. Köndes faktiskt ganska bra. Sen var det dags för en kort middag med LHC medlemmar innan det var fotografering med laget! Gött att få både lunch och middag idag! Nu blir det idol och paradise hotell :)

Worked this morning before we went on the ice for an h. Got a new chest protector and it feels Pretty stiff but it Will hopefully b good soon!:) back to work for a bit before it was time for sponsor lunch. Went home to rest a little before our workout. Felt Pretty good actually. After that it was time for dinner w LHC members.really nice to get Both lunch and dinner :) at night we had team pic. Now its time for idol and paradise hotel.

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