Alla inlägg den 13 oktober 2014

Av Kim Martin - 13 oktober 2014 21:16

Några artiklar och klipp ifrån helgen.

I am actually really tired today and we will see if I can stay up and watch paradise hotel :)

At 7.30 I was on the ice w the boys team, after that I went and got choclatemilk and bananas for the girls, and after that I had a meeting w a customer thats probably gonna sponsor us. Home for some lunch and then to Desai to go through everything w my company. Thanks a lot for the help! Home again before heading to the rink for lifting and ice. Today was the first time we ate w the team. We have fixed mostly everything that we want now. Snack, food after every px, and hopefully soon we will get our travelling clothing. Its going well :)

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