Alla inlägg den 20 oktober 2014

Av Kim Martin - 20 oktober 2014 20:05

Feels like i have been living in the gym today haha. This morning i decided to do Bike sprints Instead of going on the ice. Gotta save the body now when i am old ;) worked for a bit, and Home to eat lunch and take the monster out. Back to the gym to meet the trainer for the Olympic committee to go through our workouts and techniques. Won't be easy to change some things especially the technique in squats. It will probably take awhile to get back to the same weight. Then back home w Bauer to relax for an hour and then back to the rink again to sign 1217 contracts!:) then into the gym again for some core and balance w Vendela before ice. Feels like it's been a very long day but good!!

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