Alla inlägg den 23 oktober 2014

Av Kim Martin - 23 oktober 2014 22:03

Today I spent the whole day at the rink. Got to the rink at like 7 in the morning to work for a bit before goalie coaches from the canadien hockey federation came and spent the day in Linköping. First we went on the ice and discussed a lot of different situations. Really interesting and I am happy to be a part of it. We talked a lot about goalies but mostly about the mental part of the game. The day ended w dinner and watched LHC beat Brynäs 5-0. 

A very educational day, and got to meet great people. 

Some size difference :)

Me, Jay and one of the coaches


Sture gjorde debut idag :)


A little sneak peak of my collection :) Everything else will be done tomorrow or Monday so then I will put it up.


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