Alla inlägg den 9 november 2014

Av Kim Martin - 9 november 2014 08:43

today we got up Pretty early to go px for 30 min, and then we had time to go Home and rest a little and eat before going back to the rink for the bronze game against Finland. A very close game, where Finland is better in the 1st period but we keep working Hard and get back into the game in 2nd period and we create some good chances but its not until the end of the 3rd period we score 1-1. The game goes to overtime, Which we win w 1 min left. Emma nordin scored our first and Asserholt the game winning goal. It was really fun and felt good playing today.

After the game we went and watched the final game that Canada won in a shootout. A very close anf exciting game!!

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