Alla inlägg den 10 januari 2015

Av Kim Martin - 10 januari 2015 22:40

Today i had a private session...

...and then i had a kim martin goalie Academy session With 9 Hard working Goalies. Its Always so inspiring to work With you all!!

If anyone is interested it costs 400kr for a session and 700kr for a private.

If anyone want me to come to their club team, I take 3000kr for an 1-1.5h plus the traveling.

There are still some spots left for the summer camp. For more info go to

Got really nice bracelets from one of the goalies. Her team is selling these to be able to go to a tournament in Minnesota. So if you are interested in buying, let me know :)

Unfortunately the junior girls lost their quarterfinal and are now playing Finland to get the 5th spot. Keep your heads high and make Sweden proud!

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