Alla inlägg den 13 februari 2015

Av Kim Martin - 13 februari 2015 18:55

I really liked this video. So cute, and dogs are very smart and caring!!

We left Bauer at Texas house today, kinda early so they get tired before bedtime :) they are gonna have him the whole weekend because we have away games. Felt weird to not come home to an excited dog. Jay is playing hockey so I will be by myself all evening. Lonely but at the same time nice. 

Bought a little valentines day gift for him, so we will see if he likes it when he gets home :)

Riktigt roligt att Luleå har tagit över Piteås verksamhet på damsidan. Viktigt att storklubbar har damlag och att dom satsar hårt på dom. Bra initiativ!!

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