Alla inlägg den 14 april 2015

Av Kim Martin - 14 april 2015 22:28

Its been a very busy day today!! But a good One. Work in the morning, and it looks like companies are interested in supporting the women's team :) In the afternoon i had a private lesson With a goalie and after that i coached another six at a team practise. A good day for kim martin goalie Academy. Now 41 Goalies have applied so there is another 7 spots left.

I just have to tell you that when i went to change the tires on the car the other day i forgot the tires hahaha. But it all worked out, just had to Walk a little extra and they were nice enough to do it the day after! Thanks Engströms bil!! A good sponsor :)

Next kim martin goalie Academy is 3/5. But this time we partner up with Swedens player of the year and she is running a session with skaters. Don't miss out!! For more info go on kim martin goalie academy on Facebook or

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