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Av Kim Martin - 21 april 2015 20:59

Today when I did my daily routine in the morning, by checking everything on the phone, I discovered this video.

You always think that magician does something tricky, but this one is insane. There is no way he can cheat!

what do you think?

I cant wait to see his next performance!!

Av Kim Martin - 20 april 2015 20:56

Det är inte så mycket som händer nu. Mycket jobb och golf :) idag körde vi 9 hål. Men Gud va sliten man blir haha. Måste köpa en golfvagn så jag slipper bära min väska!! Pensionär :) känns lite konstigt faktiskt att inte köra sommarträningen men samtidigt skönt. Just nu är min träning, promenader med Bauer, små jogg och golf. Men skönt att ha tid för annat. Funderar på Att skriva en bok, eller det har jag velat göra i flera år men ville vänta tills jag slutat. Jag känner att jag har ganska mycket att berätta. Måste säga att det är grymt roligt att det går så bra för Växjö. Det Var inte så många som trodde. Inte jag i alla fall!! Alltid roligt när underdogs gör det bra!! ??

Så himla härligt väder idag. Glad och pigg blir man :)

Av Kim Martin - 19 april 2015 19:20

Now its official that me and jay are going with the Swedish selects to Bolzano in May. It was really fun last time and I am sure it will be this time too!! We got back from lindvallen a couple of hours ago. It was a long trip but a great weekend!! Saw that Linköpings volleyball team won their championship, so congrats!:) we are watching the Swedish hockey final right now and it's pretty even. I thought one of the teams would dominate. It will definitely be an early night today!! Gotta be ready for golf tomorrow :)

Av Kim Martin - 18 april 2015 19:45

Till och med Bauer gillar att vara här :):)

Idag gick vi och badade. Jätte fint badhus med spa, bastu, bubbel pool, äventyrs bad med mera. Finaste jag sett! Kände mig som ett barn igen men nu efter är jag tillbaka till det gamla med ont i kroppen och helt slut. Fattar inte hur man orkade förut :) nu är det film dags medans badtunnan fulls upp. Vi har det bra!!!

Av Kim Martin - 17 april 2015 22:43

Äntligen i Lindvallen!!:)

Mer kommer imorgon!!


Av Kim Martin - 15 april 2015 17:59

Downloaded coaches eye on the iPad today so i can videotape my goalies. Another step to learn more about goalie coaching. I have heard its supposed to be really good for all sports so if you need it get it!:) 49 kr in AppStore.

Our dinner didn't turnout too good. We tried to make something we have never had before. It wasn't that bad but tasted a little too much garlic. So I had kvarg and baked apples. Delicious!;)

We were supposed to play golf today but the rain God wasn't with us. But I don't mind a cozy night at home!!

Av Kim Martin - 14 april 2015 22:28

Its been a very busy day today!! But a good One. Work in the morning, and it looks like companies are interested in supporting the women's team :) In the afternoon i had a private lesson With a goalie and after that i coached another six at a team practise. A good day for kim martin goalie Academy. Now 41 Goalies have applied so there is another 7 spots left.

I just have to tell you that when i went to change the tires on the car the other day i forgot the tires hahaha. But it all worked out, just had to Walk a little extra and they were nice enough to do it the day after! Thanks Engströms bil!! A good sponsor :)

Next kim martin goalie Academy is 3/5. But this time we partner up with Swedens player of the year and she is running a session with skaters. Don't miss out!! For more info go on kim martin goalie academy on Facebook or

Av Kim Martin - 12 april 2015 19:49

Yesterday we took a long Walk w Bauer along the Canal and we probably saw 20 frogs just sitting on the pavement. We thought it was crazy that they didn't move. They weren't even scared of Bauer!! ;)

Jay and I played a hockey game today. I tried to live up to Gunilla Andersson but failed :) I got an assist at least! I think that's gonna be my new career:) love it!

Grattis till Uppland som vann stålbucklan idag!!:) ??

Got milles and Anna's bridesmaids dress today! Super pretty?

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