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Av Kim Martin - 1 januari 2015 21:22

After 2 ice sessions w the National team, i had a meeting w the Coach and decided that i am gonna stay Home and get Healthy. I got sick at last camp and have been sick ever since then. I Didnt really have the energy and power to play at that level. Feels really tough because i love to play With these girls. I wish them the very best and i know they are gonna do great. Fun for Musse, (goalie for AIK) thats gonna play her first tournament. Good luck!! Felt a little better when i got to See mom, dad, Jay and Bauer.

Good luck girls and i Will follow!! ??

We were all a little tired :)

Av Kim Martin - 1 januari 2015 00:32

Imorse kände jag mig inte så kry och kände mig lite kraftlös på träning men nu på kvällen känner jag mig lite piggare. Så imorgon blir testet om jag åker med till Tyskland eller inte. Hoppas på det bästa för det är grymt roligt med dessa tjejer!

Efter träning kollade vi på juniorerna som vann stort mot Schweiz. Sen gjorde vi oss redo för nyårs middag.

Jätte god middag på värdshuset i Norrtälje.

Men lite snålt med efterrätt ;)

Firade tolv slaget på parkeringen utanför hotellet! Såg slutet på Canada-USA och vilket slut det blev. Önskar att jag hade sett hela matchen! God natt från oss och välkommen året 2015. Hoppas det blir ett bra år!

Av Kim Martin - 30 december 2014 19:44

Took the train to go and see my fysio Drugge today. I also workout for the first time since the last camp we had with the national team. I have been sick and are still a little. Tomorrow we have anther camp with team Sweden and we will see how I will feel after the first practice. I was supposed to see some friends today but we decided that it was better for me to stay home and get better, and here I have been laying on the couch all day. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow!!

Av Kim Martin - 29 december 2014 22:25

yesterday we flew Home from Canada. Everything went well except that i Phuked 2 Times on the long flight. Not sure why, but must have ate something weird. After that I didn't eat anything so I was fine. Thank god jay and I shared 3 seats so I could lay down on the last flight. Now I am laying on the couch in Stockholm and have got some food into me and jay is with Bauer in Linköping. I miss him so Much! Watched czechs against denmark. A very exciting game and hopefully swedens game Will be the same but With a win for us of course :) A big thank you to the Jonssons family that had taken great care of Bauer!!

Av Kim Martin - 28 december 2014 13:39

Yesterday we went to the mall to buy the last gifts to bring Home. I Also bought a new pair of uggs, now that we have got some snow in Linköping. Other than that People came over to say good bye. Sara o'toole who was the reason that me and Jay Met came over With her friend that i played Together With in russia :) it was really fun to See them. We watched some junior games before going to bed. Today is the last day here in Canada. We leave tonight. I have had a great time even though I have been sick. A big thank you to the hassons and I am very happy to be a part of your family. We are gonna miss you!

This is apparently a swedish thing but I have never Seen it :)

Av Kim Martin - 27 december 2014 13:18

Yesterday we went and celebrated christmas With the rest of the family. Really fun to See everyone again. First we had some food and after that secret santa. I am actually happy With My gift. A blanket and some electrical candles. Today we have to go and buy another suitcase haha!! My cold is a little bitter but still there. Last whole day in Canada!

Av Kim Martin - 26 december 2014 12:54

Först får man en bag full med små julklappar!! :)

Harper gillar att hjälpa till!:)

Blev en massa klappar!:) helt sinnes va mycket dom ger.

Bauer fick också presenter ;)

Bauer har det bra hos familjen Jonsson !:)

Av Kim Martin - 25 december 2014 01:37

Its gonna take a long time to Open all the gifts tomorrow :):)

Just because we celebrate christmas in Sweden on the 24th I got to open 2 gifts!:) I hope everyone had a great Christmas. It's time for me to sleep soon and wake up to a Christmas morning!

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