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Av Kim Martin - 6 november 2014 03:53

Today we played Finland, and unfortunately lost 1-0. Good game by sara and we need some goals to be able to win. Finland was the better team today and they have a couple of players that makes a big Difference. We just have to step up and do better next time. I think we still do some really good Things on the ice. Tomorrow is a day off and then we play USA on Friday. Now we are gonna relax and watch can-USA on tv. Should be a good game!

Av Kim Martin - 5 november 2014 08:41

Today was the first game of the tournament and it was against Canada. We lost 2-0 but i think we had a Pretty good game and did good in the defensive zone. We need more games that has this speed to be able to get closer to the top teams. I think i should have taken the 2nd goal but other than that it felt good and it was fun to play. Tomorrow we have an early game against Finland.

Av Kim Martin - 4 november 2014 03:14

Grymt roligt att broder rask gjorde sitt första mål igår! Fanny min roomie var en stolt syster :)

Älskar att vi kan kolla hockey hela dagarna!!

Allt är super här och som jag kan minnas, nu är det ett par år:) så är detta den mest professionella 4 nationers jag har varit på. Kanske är det för att det kommer att vara vm här 2016.

Av Kim Martin - 3 november 2014 03:34

Today we packed our bags and headed to kamloops where the tournament is held. The drive was really nice and the view from the hotell room even better. We had a 1.45h px and other than that just meetings and meals. Now we are gonna go and unload our bags at another arena where we are gonna play our games. Erika Uden is coming tonight and then the rest of the players are coming tomorrow night. They all had to play w their college teams. It's gonna be nice to have the whole team gathered soon!

Av Kim Martin - 2 november 2014 03:51

2 pics that didn't work in the last

Av Kim Martin - 2 november 2014 03:46

Won against the same team today 5-0.

När vädret blir finare så blir också utsikten!:)

I just love target and walmart!:) wish we had them in Sweden.



We went shopping today and all i bought was Pretty Much for Bauer!:)


I miss My boys!! I miss Jay so Much that i bought him beef jerky and sunflower seeds haha :)

Av Kim Martin - 1 november 2014 04:15

After a very long trip 2.5h train Linköping-Arlanda, 2.5 Arlanda-London, 9 h London-Vancouver och then 6 h bus and arrived 1.30 pm. Must say that the long flight w air Canada wasnt that bad, thanks to the great movies and service. Probably the nicest and most comfortable flight i have been on. This morning we got up really early 6.30 to have an 1.5h px. Home to eat and rest before our game against Pursuit of excellence. I think we played really well and it was fun to See some nice goals :) i Didnt get many shots but it still felt good. We won the game 6-0. Promise to take some Pics tomorrow!

Av Kim Martin - 30 oktober 2014 06:35

nu sitter vi på tåget påväg till Arlanda. Idag åker vi i damkronorna till Kanada för en 4 nations tunering med USA,Kanada och Finland. Dom bästa lagen i världen så det kommer att bli en stor utmaning men grymt roligt. Alltid lika roligt att spela i USA och Canada men resan däremot är kanske inte den roligaste:) Jag blev intervjuad igår och fick då en massa frågor om min karriär, hur jag började, hur det var stt komma till landslaget för första gången mm. Man tänker inte så mkt på vad man har gjort förrän folk frågor eller pratar om det. Men känslan att komma till landslaget för första gången var en sån härlig känsla som är svår att beskriva, men den sitter kvar än. Detta är det roligaste jag vet och det är alltid lika ärofyllt att få representera Sverige. Ni som inte är i landslaget men vill, fortsätt tro på det för en dag kanske din dröm blir verklighet!!

Going to Kanada and kamloops for a 4 nations tournament w USA, Canada and Finland. I got interviewed yesterday and they asked me about my career, when I started, how it was to play my first national team game and so on. You never think about those things until someone brings it up. But it's hard to describe the feeling of when I first stepped on the ice w team Sweden cuz it was so powerful, and I still have that feeling. This is what I love and its always honorable to represent Sweden. You all that's not in the national team but dreams about it, keep on believing cuz maybe one day your dream will come true!

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