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Av Kim Martin - 15 september 2012 07:14

First of all happy birthday to Emelie Berggren who is turning 30 today!! :) Grattis :)      This was when we won the swedish league together 2004

Yesterday was a very good day, and I bet today will be great too! :) The ride home from Linköping went by really fast, singing to some Zac Brown :) It made me really think of Jay and his family!! I miss them a lot!! I am so happy to have them in my life :)

Here are som pictures from the game Thursday night, thanks Mats for the pics :)


The "BLUE" line !! :) who scored both goals!! Good job girls!! :)



...and this is me :) as you can see I used the stuff that I am borrowing from RBK!! Hopefully I can play w my new pads soon :)


    ...and this is what happens when you walk from the room to the rink!! As my swedish friend said "shoe shave" :) 

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