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Av Kim Martin - 31 december 2012 14:18

After a very long trip I am finally home! I managed to fall asleep on both of the last flights:) and usually i cant sleep! But it was awesome:):) in Paris I was so tired at the gate that I couldn't sit down without falling asleep haha! Now I am laying on the couch and watching Sweden-Finland! Can't wait to hear from my man:) I am going to a dinner tonight w some friends to celebrate New Years:) happy new year to everyone! Hope you have had a great year and that next one will b even better:)

Av Kim Martin - 30 december 2012 21:58

Me and traveling isnt a great combination haha! Nothing has got stolen yet at least:) had to b at the airport around 5 this morning because my flight was supposed to leave at 6...but because of the snowstorm it left at 11.30 Thank god I had lots of time in Montreal so I didn't miss my flight to Paris! I already miss my man:( !! But we can do it!! Done it before :) i am in Montreal now and I am supposed to board in 35 min. I have 4 h in Paris and then I am going home! Hopefully
Everything will go smoothly :):)

Av Kim Martin - 30 december 2012 02:10

Woke up and went to jays work...Saturdays is his long day...9-5. Watched Sweden win today again:) hopefully I can watch USA-Canada tomorrow at the airport. I bet that will b a good game! I worked out too and my heart monitor went crazy. When I ran it was going from 170 to 130 to 150 and so on hahah i got tired at least:) when we got home we watched a kinda weird animated movie, "paranorman" and now we are gonna watch "this is 40" w the whole fam! Good day but at the same time sad, because I am leaving tomorrow! I have had a great time here and i got the best Xmas gift ever :) thanks a lot Hasson family, you are the best:):)

Av Kim Martin - 29 december 2012 02:30

Watched some junior hockey this mornin. too bad they haven't showed the Sweden games on tv! Around lunch time we went into the mall for some shopping but we didn't find much. Bought a Xmas gift for my nephew or niece, not sure what it will b yet:) after that I used one of my Xmas gifts, a massage! It was awesome :) got home and hung out for a bit and then it was time to go back to the mall for a movie. It was really good and you have to see it!!! Now we are back home and we are gonna go and play some hockey soon:) love playing out!!!

Av Kim Martin - 28 december 2012 01:48

Just enjoyed the morning w jay...watched a movie and relaxed! When he worked I went and worked out...that was when i got stuck for the first time:) ...driving there was fine but when I got out it had snowed a lot! And it is super windy!!! Barely made it out of the parking lot...right when I was gonna pull out, a plow truck drove right in front of me and made a wall of snow, and he didn't stop! I Got out of the car and thought it was a joke...started shoveling w a brush hahah after like 15 min he came back and helped me..thank god:) went to the rink to pick jay up and got stuck for th second time haha...but thankfully we got help and made it home:) when we got home his dad asked if e could go and get gas for the snowblower so we did! Got to the gas station safely but when we were gonna drive away we got stuck again haha! Now we are finally home! Gonna watch another movie w the fam! We were gonna go to the movies tonight but I think we have been stuck enough for today;)

Av Kim Martin - 27 december 2012 01:33

Set the alarm at 5 am to Watch the Canada game but we were way to tired:) Jay set the alarm after Every period so we could at least check the score haha! Around lunch Time it was Time to go to grammy and grampy to celebrare xmas w the Whole family! Everyone found out about our engagement and I will b in the secret Santa next year so I guess I am in the fam now:) now it's time to watch a movie w my canadien family! Thanks everyone for the congratulations!! :):)

Av Kim Martin - 25 december 2012 21:39

Kära nån vilken jul! Super fina julklappar:):) jag är så glad!! En resa till cancun i april också:) vi såg på film idag också "step up revolution", jg tycker du att den var riktigt cool! Värd att se!! Nu är d dags att fixa middagen! Hoppas alla har d toppen!! Good fortsättning!

Oh god, what a xmas :) great gifts and k am so happy!! Got a trip to cancun in april as well:) watched "step up revolution"! I really Liked it! Now its Time to get dinner ready! Hope everyone is doing great!! Happy holidays!!

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