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Av Kim Martin - 16 september 2012 20:34

I am so happy that I have my family, friends, boyfriend and everyone else that are close to me. They make my life great :) 

I have had a very busy but fun weekend!! :):)

I helped a friend to buy floor and move it to their new house :) Cant wait to see it after they are done! I think its going to be very nice :) is their crazy she is actually very nice and good at listening (to them :)) but there is something that makes her love to jump on me and stuff...I guess I have to deal w it because I am her godmother :) 


After this we went to Empas 30th birthday party, and we had an awesome time with good food and company!! We were there from 5-12 :) they had one of these (pic below) and I want one so I asked where they bought it...then Gizela and Jocke said that they have one that is exactly the same and that I could have now I have one :) Thanks a lot!! :):)


When I came home, one of my teammates and her friends from the US were going to sleep over and we stayed up and talked until 2. It was fun to meet them, and I hope I will meet them again sometime :) 


Met some friends, tried to drink coffee but it wasnt too good, even though I had more milk than coffee :) went downtown and I think I found a jacket that I want, but they didnt have the maybe another day :) Then I drove home with my teammate :)! 

So as you can see I have had an awesome weekend and I hope you guys have had a good one too!!

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