Alla inlägg den 22 november 2013

Av Kim Martin - 22 november 2013 17:06

Yesterday i had ice early in the morning and after that I and Bauer drove down to Gothenburg to see my brothers family :) after half the drive I saw snow for the first time this year:) it's crazy that it's Xmas soon, or at least December:):) Bauer did really good, he didn't even cry once! While in gothenburg we had sushi for lunch, walked downtown and just hung out. Really fun to See them again! Before leaving we had supper, ribs:) delicious!! I started driving towards sthlm...after like 40 min I wasn't sure if I could take that highway to Linköping so i searched on the gps on the phone, that only had 9% left (no charger) Said i should take the next exit..i drove onto a kinda small road..its very dark and Lonely..creepy!! It tells me to drive for Awhile, so i turn off the gps so i can Save some battery, turn it on again, does the same thing, now 7 % left...oh oh!! After a couple of times, I finally see the sign for Jönköping!!..and the phone is dead!!! At least i am in a big town, and know where i am:) I was a little scared and worried, but everything worked out:):)

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