Alla inlägg den 15 oktober 2015

Av Kim Martin - 15 oktober 2015 19:30

Jay had some fun w work today!:) a whole day w the four wheeler. Pretty good boss. Brodyrkonsult!

Found a new flavor today, and it wa delicious. Ellen your gotta try it:)

We have already started w Christmas decorations. Isn't it too early? I love it but I can decorate yet:)

So me and jay always play with company hockey every Thursday morning, and I play out. But to be funny today and jumped into the net but the guy didn't see me so he shot right at me. I am not sure if I was the dumb one or him haha :) probably me :)

Got this sent to me today. I am really happy that more and more journalist have started to be interested in women's hockey here in Sweden. It's about time!

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