Alla inlägg den 1 november 2014

Av Kim Martin - 1 november 2014 04:15

After a very long trip 2.5h train Linköping-Arlanda, 2.5 Arlanda-London, 9 h London-Vancouver och then 6 h bus and arrived 1.30 pm. Must say that the long flight w air Canada wasnt that bad, thanks to the great movies and service. Probably the nicest and most comfortable flight i have been on. This morning we got up really early 6.30 to have an 1.5h px. Home to eat and rest before our game against Pursuit of excellence. I think we played really well and it was fun to See some nice goals :) i Didnt get many shots but it still felt good. We won the game 6-0. Promise to take some Pics tomorrow!

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