Alla inlägg den 14 november 2012

Av Kim Martin - 14 november 2012 23:07

I have had a great day today:):) went for a Run w one of my teammates, went to the movies and saw twilight w some teammates:) I think it was more than good but not awesome like most of the girls there. most of them must have been super fans:) I was funny to hear them scream and laugh;) but go and see it!!! After that I had a great dinner, thanks a lot:):) it was delicious:) watched Sweden-England and zlatan scored 4 goals, and how nice wasn't the last one!!! Craaazy:):) love my teammates:)always fun to hangout w you!! hope everyone else have had a great day as well!!!

Dropped my phone into the popcorn and then I only had half left haha

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