Alla inlägg den 25 december 2012

Av Kim Martin - 25 december 2012 21:39

Kära nån vilken jul! Super fina julklappar:):) jag är så glad!! En resa till cancun i april också:) vi såg på film idag också "step up revolution", jg tycker du att den var riktigt cool! Värd att se!! Nu är d dags att fixa middagen! Hoppas alla har d toppen!! Good fortsättning!

Oh god, what a xmas :) great gifts and k am so happy!! Got a trip to cancun in april as well:) watched "step up revolution"! I really Liked it! Now its Time to get dinner ready! Hope everyone is doing great!! Happy holidays!!

Av Kim Martin - 25 december 2012 01:58

Av Kim Martin - 25 december 2012 01:49

Walked the dog, fed the kid and wrapped tha last gifts. Did some errands w jays brother and bought new shoes. Have to wait and see if my souls fits in the shoes, but hopefully! Got home and something awesome happened...jay proposed :) i was gonna get a early xmas gift because its xmas in sweden today. so he came out w the jersey on and went down on his knee, best gift ever!!! i thought he was kidding..haha..but I am so happy!! I love him so much and i have been waiting for this day:):) you are the best!! Santa came a little early and jays nephew aiden got to open some gifts too! :)

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