Alla inlägg den 27 oktober 2012

Av Kim Martin - 27 oktober 2012 16:05

Unfortuntely we lost today and thats never fun! But I got to see my best friend so that helped a little :) I wish I lived closer to her so we could see each other more often. She means a lot to me!! We are sitting on the bus now...on our way to Leksand where we are playing tomorrow! Life is so much better snd more fun when you win but thats the life of an athlete... Thank god that I am playing s team sports and have all my lovely teammates :):):) you guys are the best!!! I must say that I am starting to feel old...not in my mind :) but in my body!

Today in the room at the rink I saw a pair of mittens... Just like I asked the girl who stood by them if it was hers nd before She answered I said "they are nice! I have a pair just like them".....and she said its not mine....and finally we figured out that it was my own :)

Have a great Saturday :)

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